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So, I went to a Go Modern Convention. :P It featured so many people from different companies such as Starbucks, Kestrel, and Go Modern itself. But I have to admit I thought it's a compilation between groups as a huuuuge meeting because a big majority of the people are HRs from the companies, so that was awkward...

I saw some (famous?) people like Relieux, Gildein, MissBritain, iDancetoo, etc.

But unfortunately, the server featuring these people is full. I managed to get in before the press conference though, but I lagged like hell @ _@So I had to leave. :C

 photo ScreenShot2014-02-05at12326PM_zpsf1cad9e6.png

The outside of the convention building! Haha
I felt disappointed that I had to go on a near-empty server. But once I got inside the building I was so amazed! The building itself could be part of the convention o_o



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