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Aug. 23rd, 2010 08:18 am
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2014: Yeah I'm old..

May 2016: WTF.
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Since I'm too shy to ask to take pics with people, I decided to stalk cx

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Yup, this is where I took pics of every booth in the convention, and also the introduction by Keniaa and iMargarette. Enjoy cx

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Ello! I'm reporting live (like a freaking reporter) at the Fashion Expo. Created by iMargarette and Keniaa, and built by Keniaa, this showcase displays all the major fashion groups and even some famous fashion designers, and intend to lure more people into the magical world of virtual fashion. Although it's the first day of the show, I'm a bit disappointed that most representatives of the groups aren't here (or maybe I'm just a bit late ._.) But overall, it's amazing.

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"Pretty building ;o"

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I'm just derping around the game, pretending to be different people. Too much fun. c:
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So, I went to a Go Modern Convention. :P It featured so many people from different companies such as Starbucks, Kestrel, and Go Modern itself. But I have to admit I thought it's a compilation between groups as a huuuuge meeting because a big majority of the people are HRs from the companies, so that was awkward...

I saw some (famous?) people like Relieux, Gildein, MissBritain, iDancetoo, etc.

But unfortunately, the server featuring these people is full. I managed to get in before the press conference though, but I lagged like hell @ _@So I had to leave. :C

 photo ScreenShot2014-02-05at12326PM_zpsf1cad9e6.png

The outside of the convention building! Haha
I felt disappointed that I had to go on a near-empty server. But once I got inside the building I was so amazed! The building itself could be part of the convention o_o





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